Triphenyl Phosphate-TPP

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  • Triphenyl Phosphate

    Triphenyl Phosphate

    Description: The plasticizeris a kind of high molecular material assistant widely used in the industry. Adding this kind of material to plastic processing can enhance its flexibility and ease processing, weaken the mutual attraction between polymer molecules, namely van der Waals force, thus increasing the mobility of polymer molecular chains, reducing the crystallinity of polymer molecular chains. Gas chromatography stationary liquid (maximum operating temperature 175℃, solvent diethyl ethe...
  • Butylated Triphenyl Phosphate Ester

    Butylated Triphenyl Phosphate Ester

    Providing with butylated triphenyl phosphate ester price consultation, Zhangjiagang Fortune Chemical Co.,Ltd, among those excellent butylated triphenyl phosphate ester manufacturers in China, is waiting for you to buy bulk bpdp, 56803-37-3, phosflex 71b form its factory. 1. Chemical Components: ChemicalName GradeI GradeII CASNO. T-butylphenyldiphenylphosphate 40-46% 35-40% 56803-37-3 Bis(t-butylphenyl)phenylphosphate 12-18% 25-30% 65652-41-7 Tri(t-butylphenyl)phosphate 1-3% 8-10% 78...
  • Triphenyl Phosphoric Acid Ester

    Triphenyl Phosphoric Acid Ester

    Description: White needle crystal. Slightly deliquescent. Soluble in ether, benzene, chloroform, acetone, and other organic solvents, slightly soluble in ethanol, insoluble in water. Non-combustible. Application: 1. It is mainly used as a flame retardant plasticizer for engineering plastics and phenolic resin laminates; 2. Used as a softener for synthetic rubber, a raw material for producing trimethyl phosphate, etc.; 3. Used as nitrocellulose and cellulose acetate, flame retardant plastici...