Diethyl Methyl Toluene Diamine

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Diethyl Methyl Toluene Diamine

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The Diethyl Methyl Toluene Diamine has commonly useddiamine chain extenders and curing agents include aromatic diamines such as MOCA and DETDA, as well as aliphatic secondary amines and aliphatic secondary amines containing aromatic rings. Aliphatic primary diamine has too high activity and is generally not used as a cross-linking agent for aromatic isocyanate system, only a small amount is used for spraying polyurea. Secondary amine chain extenders have low activity and can be used for various polyurethane materials, such as fine-tuning the reactivity of spraying systems, controlling the surface appearance and improving physical properties. As a new type of liquid aromatic diamine chain extender and curing agent with a wide range of applications, the reaction rate of DETDA with NCO is several times faster than DMTDA and about 30 times faster than MOCA. It is mainly used in the RIM process in the polyurethane field.

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Molecular Formula: C11H18N2 2.Molecular Weight: 178.283.CAS No: 68479-98-14.Specifications:a)Appearance:Light-yellow transparent liquidb)Purity:98%min by GCSpecific Content among 98%:3,5-diethyl toluene-2,4-diamine: 75.5-81.0%3,5-diethyl toluene-2,6-diamine: 18.0-20.0%c)Other Alkyl amines content: 0.5~2.0%d)Water Content: 0.1% max5.Applications: This product is equal to Ethacure 100 and Lonza DETDA 80, It's an effective chain extender for polyurethane and polyurea elastomers, particularly in reaction injection molding and spray applications. It's curing agent and antioxidant of PU and epoxy resin. Also used as an intermediate of organic synthesis. 6.Packing: 200kg/iron drumIMO: Class 9, UN3082HS CODE: 2921519090


It is widely used as a curing agent and chain extender component in polyurethane products and polyurea spray material systems; it can also be used as a curing agent in epoxy resins; it can also act as an industrial lubricant.

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