China Coat Exhibition 2019

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Zhangjiagang Fortune Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 09, 2020
We attended 18-20th NOVEMBER,2019 SHANGHAI and want to communicate with and learn from all domestic and foreign customers and friend.Visitors from all over the world enjoyed networking opportunities with exhibitors on the exhibition floor.The number of international visitors continued to increase this year.
The exhibition comprised five exhibit zones, over 950 of which were raw material suppliers.
Nearly 290 companies exhibited in the Powder Coatings, Production Machinery and Instrument,
UV/EB Technology and Products exhibit zones.
The Organizers reserved exhibit areas for Korean and Taiwan Region Pavilions. Besides, standard shell-scheme and premium shell-scheme exhibit spaces were set up to specifically cater for small-and medium-sized exhibitors.
In order to be able to successfully participate in the exhibition, the whole company’s personnel fully engaged in division of labor and cooperation. We have prepared the publicity materials and exhibits of the exhibition. Sales personnel are familiar with the product and keep the product performance parameters in mind
The effect of the exhibition is as follows: (1) stand out and improve the popularity of the enterprise; (2) promote sales and promote business growth; (3) establish the confidence of employees.
The emergence of market competitors just represents the huge market. How to grasp the market effectively is the theme that needs to be considered in the future. Generally speaking, our customers are satisfied with our products, whether it is the price or the quality. In the case of competitors, how to maintain old customers and increase new customers. To improve the market share of the company’s products is the problem we can’t ignore it now.
A lot of famous companies in the industry all participated in the exhibition, which promoted the exchange of the industry. During the re exhibition, we met many new and old customers and fully communicated with each other. This also played a good bridge role in the development of our industry. Let’s look forward to CHINA COAT EXHIBITION 2020 together.
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Post time: Nov-04-2020