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Trimethyl Phosphate

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Trimethyl phosphate, also known as trimethyl phosphate, trimethyl phosphate, molecular formula C3H9O4P, molecular weight, 140.08. It is mainly used as a solvent and extractant for medicine and pesticide. It is also used as an additive flame retardant and plasticizer, but the efficiency of flame retardant is not high and its volatility is high. It is usually used in combination with other flame retardants.

It is soluble in water and ether, insoluble in ethanol. Low toxicity, irritating to skin and mucous membranes. Non-flammable. Trimethyl phosphate decomposed by heat to produce toxic fumes of phosphorus oxide.


  1. It is mainly used as a medicine, pesticide solvent, and extraction agent.

  2. It used as a reagent, solvent, extractant, and gas chromatography stationary liquid for zirconium determination.

  3. Trimethyl phosphateis mainly used as a solvent and extractant for medicine and pesticide.

  4. Determination of zirconium.

  5. Flame retardant additive for lithium-ion battery.


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1.CAS NO.:512-56-12.Molecular Formula:C3H9O4P3.Molecular Weight:140.074.Specifications:Appearance: Colorless liquidPurity: 99%minColor (APHA): 20maxAcid Value (mgKOH/g): 0.2maxWater Content: 0.2%maxSpecific Gravity: 1.210-1.216Penetration Rate (before Heat): 90%minPenetration Rate (after Heat): 88%min5. Applications: Trimethyl phosphate is a methylating agent for nitrogen heterocyclic compounds. It's used as a color inhibitor for fibers(e.g. polyester) and other polymers. This compound is used as a solvent for aromatic halogenations and nitrations and for pesticides and pharmaceuticals.6.Packing:200kgs/iron drum net (16tons/FCL); 1000kgs/IBC (18tons/FCL); 20-23tons/Isotank.

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